Jane Williams (orinocco) wrote,
Jane Williams

Day 16: 13/09/15

Managed a good nights sleep despite the noise from the bar. After breakfast headed out to try and find Ascension, the english speaking  anglican church in Munich. First stop was the train station to put our bags in a locker. A train load of migrants ( I use that term because I do not know if they are eccomic migrants or refugees, or most likely a mix.) had just arrived and were been kept on the platform by police. I assume until it was sorted out where they needed to go.

Heading outside to the tram stop, we found the tram wasn't running. Instead we had to take the U bahn to somewhere we could connect with the replacement bus. Once on the bus, I noticed a woman in a smart dress and nice hat who just looked anglican. We got of at the same stop and when we heard her speak to someone in english asked for directions. She was indeed anglican and we chatted to her whilst walking the rest of the way to church. I enjoyed the service, we had some good hymns, and a bishop preaching. Ascension is also doing all it can to help the migrants, many of whom are housed in a nearby army barracks. Over coffee we got chatting with a guy who used to live in Coventry and amn ordanand from Oxford.

After church we went for lunch at the hofbrau beer garden, not the main beer hall in town. After a very plesant lunch we made our way into town and had a drink at Le Clou, where the bar man was looking great in full traditional dress and a fantastic mustache. After that went to Augustiner am Dom before walking to the train station.

At the train station it was very busy, there were migrants looking ready to camp out in the station. We got our bags and then had time for a quick beer. In the bar we got chatting to a bloke who told us all trains had been cancelled and germany was bringing back boarder controls with Austria. From what I saw I would say that the numbers arriving are simply too big for one country, or even for Europe to cope with.  This needs a worldwide solution.

Luckily the S bahn was still running and we could get to the airport. Checked in fine, but at security me, my tablet and the inside of my bags all had to be swipe tested. Luckily I was clear and could continue to the lounge and something to eat.

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