Jane Williams (orinocco) wrote,
Jane Williams

Day 15: 12/09/15 Kitzbuhel to Munich

Final breakfast in Kitzbuhel before Rob gave us a lift to the station. The train to Worgl was fine. Then we changed to the train for Kufstein, this weekend is the Rosenheim Herbst fest. The train was packed full of people in dirdnls and lederhosen. When we got to Kufstein, we moved quickly to try and beat the rush for the Munich train and managed to get seats. The train got fuller as we moved towards Rosenheim, but then became much emptier.

Arrived in Munich with no problems. Having seen the news reports of refugees arriving in Munich last week I wasn''t sure what to expect but everything seemed normal. Checked in at euro youth hotel. In our younger days we have stayed in their dorms, but have a double ensuite room this time. The room isn't ready till 2pm so we put our bags in the luggage room and went in search of lunch. Bayern Munich were playing at home so places were busy. We got a table at Augstiner am Platz.

After lunch we went back to the hostel. The room is nicer and larger than I was expecting. It is quite large with a double bed, a single bed, couch, table and chairs. It even has a TV, but not really any English channels. After settling in we went in search of liquid refreshment, the weather been rathr hot, this was not beer. Instead we had a lovely ice cream milkshake. We then went for a walk in the Englischergarten. At one point it was very English as there was a game of cricket being played. We also saw the surfers, yes in Muniuch city centre you can go surfing! There are a couple of points on the river where waves have been made, one for expert and one for beginners. We found an ice cream stand and had an ice cream before heading back for a rest.

In the evening we got the U bahn out to Rotkreuz Platz and went for a meal. The beerhall was getting into the mood for Oktoberfest, with pretzels and blue and white ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Aftert dinner we headed back into town and a beer at Augustiner am Dom, where one of the bar staff actually recognised us. After that headed back to the hotel, where the bar was very full and noisy, so showing our age we gave it a miss.

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