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Jane Williams - The Wombling World of Madness

Sep. 12th, 2015 04:36 pm Day 14: 11/09/15 Kitzbuhel

Had a lie in to start with this morning, then decided to walk out the lake. Had a walk around the lake and then turned of to go up through the woods to Steuerberg. Here there is a  very  nice restraunt where we had lunch.  As we were having lunch, some classic cars arrived, including one very old looking one. Walked back down to the lake through the woods and headed back to Kktzbuhel, stopping for coffee and cake on the way.

Once back attempted to sort out the packing. I am sure everything fitted in better on the way out. Packing nearly finished we checked the skis and topped up the edge waxing, ready for when we come back in winter.

We then went to Flannigans and had a few drinks whilst watching the end of the crickett, where England beat Australia again. Went to Huberbrau for dinner. I tried the blood sausage grostel for the first time and very tasty it was too. Finished the evening at glockenspiel and Sigi's.

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