Jane Williams (orinocco) wrote,
Jane Williams

Day 13: 10/09/15 Kitzbuhel

Repeated the run I did on Monday but only managed to improvre my time slightly. After breakfast went to the ski club to renew our  membership. We the headed up to the horn. The lifts were quite busy and there were quite a lot of people on the walk down through the alpine flower garden. It became less busy once we got past the Alpenhaus, where the car park was very full. We continued down the mountain and in the quiet alpine meadows we could see and hear lots of crickets. I am sure they would be willing to give the Australian cricket team some advice on cricketing skills.

Stopped for lunch at the Adlerhutte. I ordered smoked trout thinking it would be a some slices of fish on a plate with the salad. I forgot this was Austria.There was a token  bit of salad that came on the plate with the fish, by which I mean a whole fish. The rest of the salad had a plate to it self.After lunch we got the lift the rest of the way back down and I went to do some shopping. I wish england still had CandA I got myself a new hooded top.

In the evening we went to Sigi's and Flannigans, where Chipper was winding Andrew up about being old.Went to Huberbrau for dinner, where we met a nice german couple. We finished the evening in Glockenspiel.

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