Jane Williams (orinocco) wrote,
Jane Williams

Day 12: 09/09/15

Had lazy start to the day with a lie in. After breakfast we got the bus  to Brixen and went up the mountain to Filzamsee. Among with the cows saw some pigs on the mountain for the first time. Walked round the lake and watched Neptune raise from it's depths. We then continued on to Hochsoll.Surprisingly, as I thought school had started it still seems to be full of kids. There was also a small display of old tractors, and a tractor made of straw bales. Walked up the hill to Salvenmoos for lunch and a look at their goats, one of whom had a very impressive set of horns.

After lunch we walked back dowm through the Hexenwasser, stopping for the odd play and to visit the treehouse. My inner child is alive and well. We then caught the gondola up to the top. On the way up experinced a sudden stop, but arrived at the top safely. We then caught the gondola down the other side. Relaxed in the sunshine of the garden at the roundell.   Wallked the long way round to the traim station to see if there had been any changes, there hasn't been a lot the bullet is still empty.

Went to Glockenspiel for a pre dinner drink and then to the Eggerwirt for a posh meal out with wine. My dinner had an autumnal taste to it with pumpkin soup, venison snitzchel in mushroom sauce and apple strudel. After dinner we finished the night of in Flannigans and Sigi's.

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