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Jane Williams - The Wombling World of Madness

Sep. 9th, 2015 04:51 pm Day 11: 8/9/15 Andrew's Birthday

Decided to challenage myself this morning and went for a run up the mountain. This quickly turned into more running than walking. Got to just above the start of the finish schuss of the Hannenkamm race when I ran out of way markers, so decided to start heading day. Salvaged some pride by running the downhill bit and a loop of the park on the way back.

After breakfast we set of to walk along the valley to the Fleckalm bahn. We walked past Schwarzsee, the black lake, so called because of the mud in it, which is meant to be very beneficial. The ducks certainly looked happy and healthy. There seemed to be a lot of cyclists about tha we kept having to dodge.

Took the Fleckham bahn lift up to the top. At the top there was quite a crowd of people enjoying the view. There was also a spinning wheel which would tell you how long it would take to walk for various places. Headed along the path back towards Hannekamm and stoped at Hannenkamm Sturbel for lunch. Andrew got a slice of cake with a candle in it to celebrate his birthday. Got the lift down and had a rest.

The evening started out at O' Flannigans, with some free beers. We then headed to Sigi's where the birthday drink was in a smaller glass and not so nice tasting. Feeling hungry we went to Zinkrug, where Andrew had his favourite dinner of pizza. Finished the night of at the glockenspiel.

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