Jane Williams (orinocco) wrote,
Jane Williams

Day 10: 7/9/15 Kitzbuhel

In an effort to of set all the drink and food I am consuming I went for a run this morning. The hills here are steeper than in Coventry and the views are certainly more breathtaking, they left me with no breath at all! By the finish was feeling very unfit but when I checked the time against running the same route last year I was four minutes faster, which made me feel a lot better.

After breakfast we went and got our lift passes and headed up the mountain. Had a nice four mile walk with various types of terrain and levels of steepness up and down which gave Andrew plenty of opportunity to experiment with his new walking poles. Stopped for lunch at the Hannenkamm Stuberl, which due to it not being very sunny was very full inside. Got back to the top of the lift just as the first few drops of rain came. We had coffee and cake before heading back for a rest.

In the evening headed out for a drink at O'Flannigans and Sigis. Ended up having a Sigis burger for dinner  I had the juicy lucifer, which had four types of cheese inside the burger and a spicy sauce. We then headed back into town. Had a beer at a bar that was very quiet then went to Glockenspiel. Here Andrew was persuaded to stay up to see his birthday in, which involved the consumption of several schnapps and flugherls, the singing of happy birthday, flowers and sparkler candles. After that it was definitely time for bed.

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